Axtelera Ray

“What if the mythology of our world…was just the history of theirs?”


“The time has come for the Chosen to rise…”

    The world of [Axtelera Ray] is fun and addictive, with an awesome spin on mythology that will hook you from the start. I found the lead characters, Victor and Demitra, to be intriguing and genuinely believable.

The writing and storytelling in [Axtelera Ray] is beautiful and articulate, with interesting and likable characters that will draw you in with great dialogue and back stories, which are perfectly expressed through the vivid descriptions of their world and emotions; all of these elements effortlessly come together drawing in the reader, keeping them on their toes, with a feeling of anticipation and excitement with the turn of each page.

If you are a fan of YA fiction such a Percy Jackson, this book series is a must read!

I’d rate it 5/5!

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